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The only one I experienced was the Shower Ghost, which made the water go from scalding hot to freezing cold, sometimes in the same second. Advertisements

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As I will be saying goodbye to all of my coworkers today, I realized that I should also say goodbye to all of my readers. . . . BUT NOT FOREVER! Gotcha! Yes? No? Tomorrow I leave for a desperately … Continue reading

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One weird thing about divorce is that your ex-husband’s family will unfriend you from Facebook, and it will shock you, though it probably shouldn’t. Obviously they’re showing camaraderie for their blood family member. The one who did no wrong, the … Continue reading

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I got my first tattoo at the age of eighteen. Back then tattoo parlors were still illegal in the state of Oklahoma, so when I entered the state of Arkansas for college, I was enthralled to see all the parlors … Continue reading

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In May of 2009 I was diagnosed with clinical depression. Of the situational sort. Which meant that my doctor put me on Prozac with the understanding that I would be on it only as long as it took to change … Continue reading

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Biological Clock

Went to Babies”R”Us last night to pick up a gift for a friend. He’s going to become a daddy this week. Didn’t want to run screaming from the store for the first time in my life. Even with a baby’s … Continue reading

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Jonathan Safran Foer

I require inspiration to write. This probably means I’m not a real writer. Of course, I’m not sure what it’d take to make me feel like a real writer. My name on the cover of a book? I’m sure even … Continue reading

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