A couple of months ago I decided that I wanted a new haircut. Something edgy.

Historically, I have been very conservative with my hair.

My default has been long and straight.



And whenever I grew weary of maintaining long hair, I would cut it and wear it short and straight. Most notably when I was sixteen


and then again when I was nineteen.


I almost always immediately regretted cutting it, though, and would begin growing my hair out as soon as the initial shock and the “my head feels so light and airy!” wore off, so a lot of the time it was also medium-length and straight.



Usually when I cut my hair short, it was because I decided I didn’t want to look like myself anymore and instead wanted to look like someone else. This someone else was usually Reese Witherspoon. I spent the bulk of my college career chasing her elusive Sweet Home Alabama cut.

I say “elusive” because I was never happy with the results. Meaning I never magically turned into Reese Witherspoon.

It was on TV this weekend, playing in the background at my friend Sarah’s apartment as we and our friend Holly chatted. My heart still aches for that haircut even though it is no longer even remotely in style. Alas, I do not look like Reese Witherspoon, and I never will, regardless of how talented my hairstylist is, and I have come to terms with that. Mostly.

Anyway, as I was saying, I decided I wanted something edgy a few months ago. So I took this picture in to my stylist.

At first it was jarring, since I haven’t had bangs since I grew them out in the seventh grade because none of the cool girls had bangs. But now, at the age of 27, the cool girls have bangs again. After those first few days of looking in the mirror and seeing twelve-year-old Spring looking back at me, I decided I was pretty much okay with the result because I was ready ahead of time to accept that I will never be as beautiful as Mars Argo.

Some people have said I look like Blondie, and I’m okay with that too.

But imagine my horror when, in the middle of Meg-nificent Monday, I realized that I have the exact same haircut as Meg Ryan in the bulk of When Harry Met Sally.

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6 Responses to Hair

  1. Julienne says:

    I love the hair! I’m super frustrated with my hair right now but I’m really trying not to do anything too drastic with it since my wedding is in less than 4 months! After that though, it’s getting a chop!

  2. Josh White says:

    Women should stop playing this game already. Jenny Lewis wins. Sorry.

  3. pinksilkjournal says:

    Noooo it’s not the poof! I promise! Your hair looks wavy and beachy and careless, just as it should. It does not look as if it were forced to do that at the end of a large can of Aquanet, and your bangs are nowhere near as feathered and layered and dated. You look lovely.

  4. Courtney Witter says:

    Ironically enough, your mother and I watched When Harry Met Sally on Meg-nificent Monday as well. That movie never gets old, but Spring the day we had brunch together I became envious of your hair. I have curly hair that has its own agenda so I could never achieve the look but you nailed the Mars Argo style perfectly. Although I cannot get her hairstyle, I would most certainly settle for her talented voice.

  5. marcy says:

    it’s so chic! love it, very beachy and carefree. i am always chasing after the pixie haircut dream and refuse to accept that curly-haired girls canNOT have pixie length hair. so my hair seems to be in a continual growing-out phase that looks less stylish and more like a psychotic bird’s nest atop my head.

  6. myvanityfair says:

    Oooh I too adore that Reese Witherspoon cut. The last time I tried that one out I ended up looking like a homeless teenage boy. Sad day.
    But! I too adore your new hair style. I think it’s perfect.

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