Post-Marital Sex

You (TheodoreClancy) requested; I delivered.

Last weekend after a roll in the hay, Boyfriend and I were in the bathroom getting ready to go to a barbecue.

He said, “That’s the kind of sex I wish I could tell my friends about.”

I replied, “Why can’t you tell them about it?” (I already knew the answer, though he wouldn’t admit it: he’s a gentleman, though I am obviously not a lady, which is why I’m blogging about this.)

“What would I say? Spring and I had sex again? And it was awesome again?”

“Sure. Why not? I used to tell my friends about our sex. I’d come back from a weekend and be like, ‘EIGHT TIMES.'”

“Really? You’d tell them that?”

“Yeah, but I don’t anymore because I began to feel like I was bragging because they’re married.”

“What does being married have to do with it?”

“Oh, you know…”

And then I saw the expression on his face and realized that because he’s never been married, he does not know.*

I was going to say something like, “You’ll understand eventually,” but the truth is that I hope he never does.

*I fully concede that some married people do have awesome sex regularly. I will posit, however, that this is quite rare.

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7 Responses to Post-Marital Sex

  1. Holly says:

    I am sad that you are so cynical about marriage. Awesome regular sex is not rare in good marriages and good marriages are not rare. That’s just a stereotype!

  2. Leah says:

    I agree with Holly. I’ve been married for 6 years, and the sex just keeps getting better. But I have to admit that sometimes I wonder if we’re the exception to the rule. No one I know ever talks about sex, though so I guess I’ll never know.

  3. Mandy says:

    I agree with Leah and Holly. My husband and I have often wondered if we our sex was really that much better than all other married couples. After 8 years, it just gets better, and we did not think it was possible. I don’t know many married couples though who want to go around telling people how mind blowing the sex is. It’s part of the intimacy of marriage.

    Our premarital therapist said sex can often be a barometer in a marriage.

  4. Stormy says:

    Let me get this straight. Married people rarely have awesome sex, you’ve heard. Your own experience in marriage confirms this. Now that you’ve freed yourself from those repressive bounds, and are enjoying awesome sex… your only wish is to spare your current lover from the fate of all us sad and jealous married people?

  5. Nope. I certainly don’t think that married people are sad or jealous of me or, really, any single people, for that matter. Unless, of course, the marriage is as dysfunctional as mine was.

    My hope for Boyfriend and all people is that they never have to experience a dysfunctional marriage. šŸ™‚

  6. TheodoreClancy says:

    I’m happy for you and NYE guy….more happy for him then you really.

    Don’t let your previous marriage discourage you from the thought that great sex can be carried over from dating to marriage. It can…although I doubt at the 8 times a weekend rate you’re currently on, at least if you add kids into the equation.

    I do want to point out that I asked for some joys outside of the sex to post-marital life…I only say this because I don’t want to come across as pervy.

  7. Katie says:

    I agree with Leah, Holly, and Mandy. It gets better and better. And we aren’t lying. šŸ™‚ Believe it or not, being married and growing old (or even growing up) together is quite sexy.

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