me:  did you watch Mad Men last night?

BFF:  nope. I am saving them all for you.

me:  aw, that’s nice.

BFF:  I haven’t watched it in 3 weeks.

me:  I’ve totally been reading all the spoilers and watching the scenes AMC posts online.

BFF:  man. you know more than me then.

me:  yeah. I do. I basically know everything.

BFF:  boo. why are you doing that!

me:  I don’t know. because I still want to be a part of the action, I guess. it’s not fair that all these jerks get to watch Mad Men and be in the action when I started watching the show before they did and I don’t get to. that is how I feel.

BFF:  I don’t watch it.

me: well, I appreciate it. if you like, I will discontinue my spoiler gluttony.

BFF:  that is up to you. just know that you have real feast on my DVR. and you are only gorging yourself on snacks from a vending machine.

me:  lol

BFF:  pretty good analogy huh?

me:  yes. I’m inclined to post it on my blog and call it an entry in the absence of any real writing.

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