#reverb10 Day 4

Prompt: Wonder. How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?

When I first began the counseling process in early 2008, I understood very little about myself and the way a healthy human being functions, which was part of the reason I had found myself in such a deep dilemma that I needed to pay a professional to help me find my way out of it.

She began tempering me to the very basic idea that all of our emotions and subsequent behaviors result from whether or not our individual sets of needs are being met. Then she presented me with a long list of the most widely recognized needs and asked me to spend some time thinking about what my, say, top 5 are.

Although I didn’t at that point know myself very well, I had a strong awareness of my needs because so many of them were going ignored and unfulfilled. I identified the following as my top 5: acceptance, to understand and be understood, to matter, harmony, and wonder.

Wonder is a need that, luckily, I don’t (usually) have difficulty meeting. Even when I’m feeling low, a foggy morning or a vivid sunset can magnify my sense of wonder and pull me out of myself for a few much-needed minutes.

These are some of the things I wondered over this year.


Sun rays.







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2 Responses to #reverb10 Day 4

  1. Cory Beyer says:

    God created all that Wonder.

  2. birdiesperch says:

    The pictures didn’t show up in the email version of this post so I just found them. Lovely!

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