My name is Spring.

This is what I look like.

I like to pretend that I’m too cool to look at the camera when I take awkward pictures of myself using Photo Booth at work.

This is my blog.

It is actually my fifth blog in five years.

None of my previous blogs has been successful.

Except for one, which was wildly successful, but only because it chronicled my scandalous trainwreck of a life.

That blog is now shut down.

Then I forgot how to blog for a while.

Then, one day, I decided to start from square one and blog as if I’ve never blogged before.

So, this is me. Starting from square one.

I hope you like it.


3 Responses to About

  1. B says:

    oh so very excited to read your new blog.

    P.S. I love your hair.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    You are fascinating, so I’m glad to follow along each time! Could you add RSS feed capability? (Promise that I’m a harmless stalker!)

  3. Elizabeth, I added some sort of subscribe widget over there on the top right, though I’m not sure if it’s what you want. There are two RSS-related widgets on WordPress, but I couldn’t figure either of them out, and I’m afraid of looking like an idiot on my own blog. And also one looked like it wanted to expose my own entire subscription list, which would be embarrassing.

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