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On Monday morning around 11, I got a call on my office phone. When I answered, I heard the VP of my company on the other line. “Hey, Spring, could you come down to the front conference room?” With those … Continue reading

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Office Bathrooms

The office bathroom is a curious place to me. It’s an extremely private place, which means it’s excellent for getting to know your coworkers better than you really want. There are several different types of bathroom personas, and when one … Continue reading

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Job Hunting

The thing about searching for writing jobs when you’re a professional writer/editor type is that sometimes you need to show that you can, you know, actually write, and so you ill-advisedly distribute links to your blog in cover letters. You … Continue reading

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Time Management

At my last job whenever I was given a project, I was also given a deadline of fifteen minutes, and if I so much as typed a single key on the keyboard after receiving said project, my boss would accuse … Continue reading

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New Job

I gave my new employer my blog name in the interview as a way to give myself some sort of memorable personality, more than I could possibly give in a job interview. I suspect it helped me land the position … Continue reading

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In May of 2009 I was diagnosed with clinical depression. Of the situational sort. Which meant that my doctor put me on Prozac with the understanding that I would be on it only as long as it took to change … Continue reading

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