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Office Bathrooms

The office bathroom is a curious place to me. It’s an extremely private place, which means it’s excellent for getting to know your coworkers better than you really want. There are several different types of bathroom personas, and when one … Continue reading

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Remedial Living: At-Home Haircolor

Sometimes I do things that are so breathtakingly dumb that I feel compelled to put myself out there as a lesson to everyone. Therefore, I decided to start a new blog series called Remedial Living. Ladies and gentlemen, do as … Continue reading

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Sometimes I like to look at glimpses of my inner life from an outside perspective and try to guess the conclusions a stranger (or acquaintance) would make about me. This is probably due to the overwhelming judgment I constantly rain … Continue reading

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me:  did you watch Mad Men last night? BFF:  nope. I am saving them all for you. me:  aw, that’s nice. BFF:  I haven’t watched it in 3 weeks. me:  I’ve totally been reading all the spoilers and watching the … Continue reading

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A couple of months ago I decided that I wanted a new haircut. Something edgy. Historically, I have been very conservative with my hair. My default has been long and straight. 2001 2007 And whenever I grew weary of maintaining … Continue reading

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