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Self Love

It all starts when I fail to love myself. This takes countless forms and is so subconscious that I don’t even realize it’s happened. But sure enough, I turn on myself. I resume an abusive relationship with myself. I tell … Continue reading

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I worry a lot. It’s a pretty dumb use of time, really. I don’t get anything accomplished except freaking my own self out about how twisted my brain can be. And maybe losing weight because worry suppresses my appetite. When … Continue reading

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Sometimes I look back at past mistakes I’ve made, and they’re so ripe with foolishness that I can hardly stand to exist within my own skin. I want to leave my body just so I can look at myself and … Continue reading

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I try to take Rufus on daily walks. He gets pretty stir crazy from being inside all day while I’m at work, and my ass is usually sore from sitting at a computer all day, so a 2-mile walk in … Continue reading

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Traffic Tickets

What Not To Do With a Traffic Ticket: 1. When you go to your city’s website the day after you received the ticket to make an online payment, don’t half-heartedly read the instructions for submitting a citation number, submit the … Continue reading

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